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(Super Negin) 20*25 gr

Product name(Super Negin) 20*25 gr
Product Code30010055

(Super Negin) 2000gr

Product name(Super Negin) 2000gr
Product Code30010053

(Super Negin) 250gr

Product name(Super Negin) 250gr
Product Code30010056

(Super Negin) 500gr

Product name(Super Negin) 500gr
Product Code30010054

Arnika Islimi Gift


About Islimi Gift

Arnika Kian Toos Co. does its best to present products with special packages befitting saffron grade one. Hence, it prepares luxurious and spectacular packages for the admiring-beauty customers so that they choose Arnika packs without thinking when purchasing high quality saffron particularly as a special gift. Arnika Islimi Gift is one of these packs of which Negin saffron jar is in the center of the pack. The islimi image on its dimensions reminds of original Iranian art.

Enameled Plate & Vase Gift


About Enameled Plate & Vase Gift 

The art, innovation, and beauty of this package along with unrivaled Arnika saffron get the attention in a way that is impossible to ignore it. This package contains a crystal pot having 10 g. Negin saffron along with an enameled plate and vase all placed in Termeh box.

Iranian Export Saffron

Type :

 Iranian Export Saffron

Packaging :

5-500 Grams

Khatoon Saffron(Carton Box)Sargol

Big sizeSmall size
Net Weightg 4.6g 2.3
CodeKHBAS 4.6 KHBAS2.3

Organic Saffron Negin Saffron


Organic Saffron

Organic saffron is a method in agriculture in which no chemical fertilizers during planting, harvesting, collecting and packing are used and saffron is produced without using pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified substances. Planting and Producing organic saffron has been one of the main concerns of Arnika KianToos Co. This company succeeded to acquire T3 certification on 2015 and production certification, processing and exporting organic saffron in 2016 from an examination company authorized in Europe.

Wooden Gift Saffron Super Negin


About Wooden Gift

When the Iranian noble art is placed next to an Iranian precious pure product like saffron, it develops a special love in mind and heart of every Iranians and makes them feel proud of their country`s valuable history. Arnika Wooden Gift is another special product of Arnika Kian Toos of which beautiful and eye-catching packing reveals originality of our country`s art. This product has 10 grams of super Negin saffron turning it to a particular product of the company suitable for you who are art-loving and special customers. It can be a great option for you who are looking for a specific gift for a specific person and also can be an appropriate opportunity to show off the originality and art of Iranians at the same time. Like other products of Arnika Kian Toos, Arnika Wooden Gift has passed all the quality control processes successfully and as one of the safe and precious products having valid quality certificates such as ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC, and GC-Mark is presented to the customers. The color, aroma and flavor of Negin saffron is unique and will certainly bring the pleasant scent of life to all Arnika`s customers.