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Construction Application Area Polymeric

Today, the use of polymers has significantly increased in the construction industry. Due to their light weight and superior performance and quality, such materials have replaced some old materials and substances. Having a profound technical insight into the current needs in construction industries, Plus Polymer Company has made dramatic achievements in decreasing raw material consumption, lowering the weight of final products, enhancing impact resistance as well as flexural strength, eliminating distortion and shrinkage, and also reducing final costs. The polymeric additives introduced by Plus Polymer could be used in a variety of substances and materials in the construction industry. Some of the intended uses are as follows.

Plastic Appliances Area Polymeric

Producers of the plastic equipment and devices used in transportation and product packaging industries are among the main usages of polymeric materials. Due to properties such as easier production capability in different shapes and dimensions along with lower prices and higher sustainability and durability, polymeric products have gained a special position in industries. Using cutting-edge equipment and having technical knowledge of its experienced experts, Plus Polymer has taken a major step in producing and developing products which comply with global standards and consumer demands. Plus Polymer is characterized by constant attention to quality and taking advantage of up-to-date technology in producing advanced masterbatches and compoundswith specific properties.  

PVC Compound Plastic Materials

These materials are the next step in post-performance (TPE-O) performance. These materials are also PP‌ and EPEM rubber compounds, however, they have been dynamically vulcanized during the blending stage.  They have been used in the replacement of EPDM for car sealants, pipe sealants, and other applications where heat resistance of up to 20 is required.  The shore range is in the range of A45 to D45.

TPE Compound Plastic Materials

TPE is a polymer blend or compound whose high melting temperature allows its thermo-plastic feature to be formable and designed at a temperature range of 0 C with elastomeric behavior. This process is reversible and its product can be processed or molded or extruded.  The hardness (shore) of TPE materials ranges from 0A to 70D.

TPO (pp) compound Plastic Materials

It is one of the most important plastics called polypropylene and this plastic has the third-largest consumption among polyolefins.

Some of the products manufactured pp

1- PP reinforced with calcium carbonate (from 5 to 70%) in various colors 2- PP reinforced with talcum (from 5 to 60%) in various colors 3- PP reinforced with fiberglass (from 5 to 30%) in various colors 4- PP reinforced with EPDM (from 5 to 40%) in various colors 5- PP reinforced with polypropylene nanocomposites (Organocaly) with outstanding resistance to scratch 6- pp reinforced barite from 5% to 60% in different colors. 7- ABS + PC compounds