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Metals & Minerals – Rebar A1

Rebar A1 is referred to a soft or plain rebar, often without tread, and the amount of carbon used in A1 is lower than other types of rebar.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A2

The rebar is semi-rigid and is classified in the S340 category. Its appearance is a longitudinal axis and a spiral series relative to the longitudinal axis.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A3

The rebar is hard with twisted tread and the rebar is with the spiral tread. It is in the semi-hard category in terms of hardness.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A4

The ribbed bar or compound tread baris called the A4 bar. It has a longer durability and strength than A1-A2-A3 rebars.


rowsize(mm)length(m)weight of each branch(12m)the number of branch per bounchanalyze
18 rebar size12m5400A3
210 rebar size12m7.8260A3