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Cervical Collar Orthopedic Products


Soft Cervical Collar for Export

Product Code : 040
Sizes : S,M,L,XL

Evolis Total Knee Replacement Orthopedic Products



Evolis total knee replacement prosthesis is available in two designs:

  •  Posterior-Stabilized (PS) Design.
  •  Standard (STD) Design.

The Evolis concept is based on 3 main features:

  • A compact, easy and well-designed ancillary which allows an accurate and fast surgical act, offering at the same time several operative choices as well as checks during surgery.
  • Both implant design and product range are the result of a morphometric study aimed at the optimization of bone-implant surfaces.
  • The choice of common profiles allows interchangeability of the sizes without compromising on maximal metal - polyethylene contact surfaces.

lower body Orthopedic Products

  Adjustable Knee Support Open Patella Knee Support (Closed Patella) Woolen Knee Support product specification Front opening design for easy

Sheikh Bipolar Cup Orthopedic Prosthetics



SHEIKH bipolar cup is designed to prevent serious bone destruction consequent and used as a treatment for femoral neck fractures. UHMWPE cup has a beveled margin to avoid neck cup impingement in internal and external rotation in gait cycle and physiological cyclic loading. Sheikh bipolar prosthesis in sitting and squatting movement provides patient with normal range of motion at hip.

Sheikh Cementless Hip Implants Orthopedic Prosthetics



The CCD angle for the stem is common at 135ᵒ for standard offset. Sheikh total hip replacement prosthesis has trapezoidal cross-sectional proximal stem design. Trapezoidal cross-section shape of stem causes to better torsional stability in femoral bone and has major effect on the stress distribution in physiological load in gait cycle and sits to stand task than other various proximal femoral stem shapes. Titanium alloy cementless stem is fully HA coated. Cementless acetabular cup has a central hole in the base of the shell that is used for shell insertion. This base hole has a slot to enhance torsional manipulation of the shell during insertion. Iran2africa-Sheikh-Cementless-Hip-Implants-Orthopedic-Prosthetics-d-Product

Trunk Orthopedic Products

Trunk is consist of the chest, abdomen and pelvic. The abdominal muscles are located between the ribs and the pelvis on the front of the body. The abdominal muscles support the trunk, allow movement and hold organs in place by regulating internal abdominal pressure. For several reasons, such as age, anterior abdominal strain or weakness, obesity, recurrent pregnancy and childbirth in women and surgeries in the abdomen, ability of muscles decreased and caused abdominal bulge. This condition displace center of gravity to down and anterior that can increase lumbar curve, pain and discomfort. After abdominal surgery, you may need an abdominal support to help speed up recovery time and compress abdominal muscles. It helps to improve blood circulation at the operative site, increases healing and reduces swelling. Abdominal supports may also be used for obesity and can be effective in reduction of waist ache. It helps the abdomen to return in original shape, increase the firmness of tissue that has lost its tightness after pregnancy weight loss, although you must do exercise simultaneously.