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Elevator Cabin

Using the appropriate skein to the capacity under the cabin Fully integrated flooring Inserting the power box of terminal instead of the adhesive tape and the refractory Installing the buffer High balance tuning up(vibration sensor) Reinforced body with special bridges Using noise suppressor pads in the body(high speeds) Lifting hook for transportation in four cabin directions Using special bolts for easier installation of doors Setting up and installing photocell The precise design of each panel and kicker according to the type of door Designing the tray under the cab with adjustable bolt and screw connections Service plate(MRL) Embedding the foot guard on the roof of the cabin Observing the standard of wiring Usage of customized glue in decoration

Elevator doors

The elevator door in a lift system has both safety and decorative aspects at the same time, so it is important to be careful during installation. Elevator door is consisted of different components as follows: Swing door: Swing doors are less sophisticated because of their less complexity. The frame, the handle, the hinges, the dictator and the contact are the components of a swing door Automatic Floor door: frames, handles, door seals, shoe covers, contacts are all parts of an automatic door. Cab Door: All the parts included in the automatic floor door plus the door opening and closing mechanism which include various components such as the header motor, drive and pulleys and belts.  

Elevator Frame

Elevator frame is a standard and reliable product . Designing and manufacturing of custom frames appropriate to the building or layout. Designing without sharp points on all levels for better safety and quality. Considering the elevator installation standard (easy and safe) Complete cut with a laser machine without the use of scissors and punches. Bending with CNC bending machines. Use of CO2 welding and electrostatic paint in all levels. Use of standard and galvanized bolts (clamps, washers and chambers). Complete assembly and disassembly of products with special bolts.

Stair Lift

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