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7 Complete Toothpaste -Cosmetics


Containing an anti-bacterial substance and a polymer for deposition on tooth and gums for a long time. Therefore, with each brush with this toothpaste, the bacterial that create plaque and bad breath are removed and the teeth and gums are protected with anti-bacterial substance for 12 hours.

Silica and the white granules in the toothpaste help in white teeth and durability of the white colour on it.

 The tetra sodium phosphate by absorbing the salvia calcium ions prevents formation of calcification plaque on teeth and by injecting calcium in tooth, it helps the resistance and hardness of teeth.

 This product contains fluoride to prevent dental decay and has mint flavour for minty breath and cooling oral cavity.

Fluoride plus toothpaste-Cosmetics

It contains the entire properties which are needed in oral health and fresh breach as well as the dental health and beauty. The toothpaste has cool mint flavour in two-colour feature. It contains the five significant characteristics of whitening, anti-decay, anti-bacterial, reducing gingivitis and fresh breath. It brings health and beauty to teeth and oral cavity.

SpongeBob and Elsa Children toothpaste-Cosmetic

Caring child’s teeth is an important matter from the early stage of growth in their mouth. Merident children toothpaste has the advantage of regulated polish for cleaning and removing tooth plaque to save the child’s sensitive enamel from any damages. In addition, the adjusted fluoride confronts the teeth decay and prevents fluorosis poisoning. The new Merident Children toothpaste is designed in two flavours in attractive packaging and by using favourite cartoon characters to fit the taste of Iranian children. The toothpaste has other properties such as homogenous appearance of toothpaste, easy and homogenous spread in oral cavity, fast release of flavourer, easy wash from mouth and no sedimentation between tooth.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth_Cosmetic

If you feel pain when breathing cold air with open mouth or after eating and drinking cold or hot foods and beverages, it means you have sensitive teeth This toothpaste, in addition to helping the removal of sudden waves of pain in sensitive teeth due to regular use of the toothpaste, treats the problem in long term as well. It helps you keep white teeth and as a result, to show a beautiful smile. The clinical effects of this toothpaste in fast treatment of sensitive teeth in one month has been proved.

Toothpaste with long-term effect-Cosmetic

Contains special ingredients that… After each time of brushing, it covers the teeth and gums and keeps the antibacterial substances active on the gums for 12 hours. During this period, the teeth and gums are protected against bacteria attack, formation of microbial plaque, formation of plaque, dental decay and gingivitis. This toothpaste, in addition to suitable polish and durable flavour, removes bad breath.

Whitening Toothpaste-Cosmetics

In addition to whitening teeth: It prevents formation of plaque and sediments on tooth and removes stains from the teeth. The mechanical polish; too, whitens teeth and brushing teeth by using Merident whitening toothpaste a day will help in significant whitening of teeth after one month. The anti-decay and breath freshness are followed.