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Iron Concentrates

Iron ore concentrates are deep beneficiated iron ore products, used for sintering and blast furnace production, as well as pellet production.

Iron Oxide Scale

In the casting processes and modifying slab to plate rolling, plate is separated from the surface of the product in high temperature. Iron oxide scale usually includes Fe3O4 in blue- gray or steel and contains one orange thin scale of Fe2O3 that cannot be observed by the unaided eye. Iron oxide is used for producing substances that iron element should be added in conjunction with the reduction operation.


Pellet is the final product of the pelletizing and is the raw material for processes of pig iron production in the blast furnace and production of sponge iron by the various reduction methods. To use pellet, its quality for transportation should be desired. In common terms, pellet means balls produced from iron ore and other additives that are first smooth and then are hardened and is used for reduction by the traditional method of producing iron in the blast furnace or by the different methods of direct reduction.