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rowsizeThicknesslength(m)weight of each branchthe number of branch per bounch

Black profile


Corner and Studs Metals & Minerals

The two most widely used products in the construction industry are angles and studs, which differ greatly in appearance and application in the industry. In the industry, steel profiles are L-shaped. Corner is one of the most important sections used in the building and construction industry which is widely used in steel frames and structures. According to the design presented by the engineers, the corners are used as branches and crushed. Corner joints are used for simple joints in structures. Types of joint joints are: die joint joint, seat joint joint, semi-joint joint, joint joint, etc.

Door And Window Profile Metals & Minerals


Introduction to door and window profiles

The complete set of profiles required for the construction of metal doors and windows of buildings is manufactured and supplied with good quality and excellent dimensional accuracy. Door & Window Profiles are widely used in the construction industry and are supplied to the domestic and overseas markets at the world class factory of Pars Profiles with the best quality and in different dimensions according to customer's order.

Doors and Windows Profile

Industrial and construction profills.

Industrial-Construction Boxes Metals & Minerals

Introduction to industrial and construction cans Square and rectangular profiles of larger sections, known as columns, are widely used in industry and construction. These profiles, made in square sections, are used to build columns and steel structures on buildings. Square and rectangular cans profiles are also used in the automotive industry. Jahan Profil Pars Company is one of the few manufacturers of 60 * 60 and 80 * 80 cans in Iran which is mainly used in agricultural machinery industry.

Inner Grooved Metals & Minerals

Inner Grooved copper tube is one of the QAEM Products. To improve the heat transfer characteristics of tube, the inner surface of the tube is provided with spirally running grooves.

ipe beam

rowsizelength(m)weight(tone)the number per bounch

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A1

Rebar A1 is referred to a soft or plain rebar, often without tread, and the amount of carbon used in A1 is lower than other types of rebar.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A2

The rebar is semi-rigid and is classified in the S340 category. Its appearance is a longitudinal axis and a spiral series relative to the longitudinal axis.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A3

The rebar is hard with twisted tread and the rebar is with the spiral tread. It is in the semi-hard category in terms of hardness.

Metals & Minerals – Rebar A4

The ribbed bar or compound tread baris called the A4 bar. It has a longer durability and strength than A1-A2-A3 rebars.

Metals & Minerals Galvanized Color Coated Sheet

Galvanized sheets are painted for aesthetics, increased resistance and reduced corrosion. If the production of colored galvanized sheets is due to their appearance and decoration, the color coating is of great importance. However, if it is to enhance corrosion resistance, the sheet rust is minimized.  

Metals & Minerals Galvanized sheets

Hot dip galvanizing has been used for over 150 years as a successful commercial method in the world for protecting steel sheets against corrosion. Galvanized products have long service life and high corrosion resistance.

Pancake Coil Metals & Minerals

Pancake Coil Copper Tube (PCC) intended for use in the connection, repairs, or alternations of air conditioning  or refrigerator units in the field. Pancake tube is in accordance with specifications given in ASTM Standard (B88 , B280) and European Norm standard (EN12735) and other general norms.


rowsize(mm)length(m)weight of each branch(12m)the number of branch per bounchanalyze
18 rebar size12m5400A3
210 rebar size12m7.8260A3

Sanitary Tube Metals & Minerals

Sanitary Tubes - Mechanical Properties

Sanitary Tubes - Mechanical Properties

Straight Tube Metals & Minerals

Straight copper tubes are used for air conditioning & refrigeration industries, electrical industries and sanitary purposes. The Straight length Seamless Copper Tubes with high precision, ultra clean surfaces, bright finish, even structure, high efficient heat exchanging, welding easily, corrosion resistant and good for mobility.

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