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Carin IP-PBX 7070 IP Based Solutions VoIP


Introduction to System

IP-PBX 7070 is the most proper communication product for small or medium size offices. Users can enjoy various phone functions and applications at the various platforms such as digital phones, IP phones, and mobile phones.

Main Functions

Main functions and features of IP-PBX 7070 are as follows:

Integrated Communication Environment

IP-PBX 7070 provides the VoIP service by using Local Area Network (LAN) modules as well as the voice call function. Users can conveniently communicate by using wireless/wired integration platforms (Telephones, PCs, Wireless Phones and peripherals) function.


Next Generation Platform

The IP-PBX 7070 provides, through an IP-based feature server, a pure IP solution where the mail server, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server and Voice Messaging System (VMS) function. The IP-based feature server uses the Linux platform and allows the user to continually add the feature server modules to be provided in the future.

Carin IP-PBX 7400 IP Based Solutions VoIP


Introduction to the System

The IIP-PBX 7400 is the most proper communication product for mid/large-sized offices and provides the complex function including voice, data and internet functions. IP-PBX 7400, also, provides the data exchange function using data network as well as the voice call function. Users can enjoy various phone functions and applications at the various platforms such as digital phones, IP phones, mobile phones, PCs and servers.

Carin SCM IP Based Solutions VoIP


 General Description

The SCM (System Communication Manager) is an IP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that provides Internet telephony by controlling voice gateways and IP phones on data networks. SCM can connect to the existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) through voice gateways. The SCM is available as SCM Express or SCM Enterprise edition, depending on the system capacity. SCM Express is a small-scale system that embedded the required application servers.
The total SCM solution organizes SCM, gateway, switch, phone and application as shown following diagram.

IP Phone SMT-i5243-Telephone Sets


Key Feature

  • Top-of-the-line model with style and personalization
  • Caller ID with photo (visual phone book)
  • Downloadable ring tones and pictures .
  • USB port for connecting memory stick, web camera for video calling to other PCI video phones, and Bluetooth capability
  • XML browser (The user can search and use the information provider from the XML browser server)
  • Support optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN (SMT-A52GE)

Outdoor 4G Modem Telecommunication

  • Supporting 4G LTE also 2G and 3G
  • Ability to accept SIM Cards from Mobile or Data Operators
  • Ideal for homes that do not have strong coverage
  • Use a standard size SIM Card
  • Easy Configuration via Web browser
  • Data Exchange with a High Speed up to 150Mbps
  • Having Internal Antenna
  • High Gain Antenna
  • Possible to be manufactured for the Sale Orders of special Antennas
  • Possible to be restarted via PoE from a distant point
  • Supporting PoE Ability and no need for Local Feed
  • Operating Voltage 48VDC and functionality up to long distances from Poe
  • High Resistance against Sunlight
  • Operational Temperature from -30 to +60 C°
  • Included a complete set of Equipment to be installed on all surfaces

PoE Adapter Telecommunication

PoE Devices (Power over Ethernet) are used to transfer Power over the Cable of the Network. By using this product one can convert the AC power of 220V to 48VDC and while combining with the Data Signals, transfer it toward the end Equipment. Among the Applications of this Device one can point to its usage in 4G Outdoor Modems produced by PAYA Communication Industries for the purpose of removing Power Supply in the Position of Modem Installation.

Teleco Mobile


Telecom Equipped Vehicle

The Telecom Equipped Vehicle has been designed and manufactured by Paya Communication Industries with the goal of achieving the ability to quickly transport a Telecommunication facility base from one place to another in critical or catastrophic situations. With its high transportability, and a very short restart and up time of under 3 minutes, this product has made its way through a vast set of applications, not only in cases of unexpected catastrophe such as earthquakes, but also in cases when a burst of high traffic service is demanded in a specific physical area. The TelecoMobile basically consists of a shelter with two separate compartments, in one of which the outdoor equipment racks will racks will be installed, and the other accommodating a telescopic tower and power generator. The shelter may be installed on any type of truck and is equipped with four manual jacks on its sides. The TelecoMobile´s outstanding features include high safety measures, not requiring a grade-1 driving license for driving it according to its lower weight, and the optimum amount of space occupied by the product.

Telecom Equipped Trailer


Cell on Wheel

The Telecom Equipped Trailer has been designed and manufactured by Paya Communication Industries with the goal of achieving the ability to quickly transport a Telecommunications facility base from one place to another in critical or catastrophic situations. This Mobile Communication Site is manufactured in form of a towable trailer consisting of four main parts; Balancing System, Chassis & Suspension System, Cabin set and Tower.

Telecom Mobile Shelter


Cell on Leg

Portable telecom mobile shelter is composed of one outdoor Shelter with external dimensions of 2.2× 2.3 m with one main door for the equipment room and two roller doors for access to mast and other external component, 18 m telescopic mast equipped with folding feeder collector, Automatic diesel generator with the additional fuel tank, Air conditioning system and other required equipment’s, loaded and unloaded on the trailer easily by 8 internal hydraulic jacks without any need to crane.

Telecom Shelters

The basic structure of the shelter consists of four main columns joined with four side walls. The side walls are Argon-welded to the roof panel in the top, and to the floor panel in the bottom side. In order to provide adjustable height for shelter installation, six adjustable base units each with four bolting holes are mounted under the floor panel, to be used for bolting the shelter to the ground. Eight lifting hooks are also available on the top and bottom panels of the shelter to facilitate transport and installation process. Ultimate security & safety measures have been integrated into the shelter design, providing it with a full anti-theft structure with at least 20 years of active lifespan.

Telecom Tower


 Cell on Wheel

The telecommunication mobile site has been designed and manufactured by paya Communication industries in order to quickly transport and set up a telecommunication facility base in critical or catastrophic situations.
The telecommunication mobile site consists of five main sections:
  • Trailer chassis and suspension system
  • Balancing system
  • Cabin
  • Power generator set
  • Telescopic tower

Wireless IP Phone SMT-W5120-Telephone Sets


Wireless IP Phone SMT-W5120

  • IEEE 802.11g
  • Wi-Fi Certified
  • 1.5 Inch Color LCD
  • Security: WEP/WPA/WPA2
  • QoS: 802.11e (WMM)
  • Caller Name and Number Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail Indication
  • Hot Key for Voice Mail Access
  • System Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Call Mute
  • Call Pick Up
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Dynamic Soft Keys