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504 egg incubator

The 504 super miniature incubator has larger dimensions than other common incubators. This incubator is designed to meet all domestic and industrial needs. One of the prominent features of this device is high hatching efficiency. According to regular evaluations, this incubator is able to incubate 99 eggs out of 100 eggs inside it. This amount of eggs is a record. The 504 egg incubator is named according to its poultry capacity. So, you can incubate 504 eggs, 1152 quail eggs, 768 partridge eggs, 300 turkey and goose eggs, etc. Important features of this incubator and the super miniature series are the same. Features like washable PVC body, precision Swiss-made SHT sensor, versatile incubator combs make the super miniature incubator series unrivaled compared to similar models.
best egg incubator in Middle East
High efficiency for common birds

easy-bator 2 egg incubator

Easybator 2 is specially designed to be easily used at homes. This machine is capable of incubating all types of birds and it is full automat. Capacity hen: 96 eggs - quail: 240 eggs - partridge: 96 eggs - goose: 40 eggs - duck: 40 eggs - Pheasant: 40 eggs - Peacock: 96 eggs - Finch: 240 eggs - Canary: 240 eggs - Casco: 240 eggs - Bride: 240 eggs - Pigeon: 240 eggs - black Swan: 36 eggs - Flamingo: 36 eggs - Stork: 36 eggs