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Block cutting machine

We Have built more than 200 block cutting machine in a variety of single-discs, 30 disks and floorboards. The specifications of this device can be high production, quality and high production capacity, easy to use with the lowest cost of repair and maintenance.

Multi Wire Machine


Multi Wire Machine is a machine for cutting granite cubes and producing different thickness slabs. This machine is designed and manufactured in various sizes to install 20 to 84 diamond wire.

The machine is mounted on four-column structures, which ensures the stability and quality of cutting the stone. The wire is fitted with a diameter of 7.3 to 6.3 mm and each wire in this device is under tension and independent of each other.

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Slab Polishing Machine

A full-automatic Slab Polishing with 8 to 16 spindles is ideal for rubbing marble stones up to a width of 210 cm. All details are carefully designed to provide high performance.

Tile Calibrator

A fully automatic tile caliber is suitable for smoothing the thickness and eliminating distortion on the stone and preparing it for repair and surface finish. This machine has a lot of effects on reducing the consumption of polishing abrasive on the machine and identifying small rocks.