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Attenuator Male/Female Fiber Optics




 Operation wavelength (NM)



 FC , SC ,ST ,LC , MU

 Attenuation (DB)


 Return Loss (DB)

 PC≥45, UPC≥ 50 , APC ≥60

 Attenuation Accuracy (DB)

 +/- 0.5  (1-10 db), +/-1.0 (11-30 db)

 Polarization Dependent loss

 ≤0.2 db
 Operation Temperature (C)

 - 40 ~+80

 Storage Temperature (C)

 - 50 ~ +85

Micro Duct Tube Closure Fiber Blowing Equipment


Micro duct Tube closure 

Water proof closures are designed for blown fiber tube cable connection application. A micro duct can be easily connected and distributed from the closure with the use of the connecting side ports. It is a direct bury sealed closure designed for intercepting a micro duct assembly to allow multiple spur-offs to smaller blown fiber tube cables or ducts.

Micro-PLC Splitter GPON Splitter Fiber Optics



PLC splitter is used to distribute or combine optical signal.its based on polar light polar light wave circuit    technology and provide light distribution solution with small form factor and higher ability.  Fiber optic splitter is used to split the fiber optic light in to several  parts. The fiber optic splitter is an important   component used in PONFTX networks. There are mainly two kinds of passive FTTH optical splitters FBT   and PLC

Microduct Fiber Blowing Equipment



Thick walled micro ducts are designed for direct burial and have superior blowing characteristic. Thanks to the sufficient thickness of the wall, It exempts this type of micro duct from additional protective ducts. Thick walled micro ducts can be branched off easily and the primary tube Can be directly buried as a single micro duct. Also this solution makes networks. Distribution possible with a simple connector. Any size and color are available on request. This product is usually recommended to the site which requires fast and easy sheath cutting during fiber branch off from the FCP.

Network Patchcord Cat 6 & Cat 5 Network Equipment Fiber Optics


Cat 6 & Cat 5 network patch cable is the cost-effective solution for indoor data center applications, supporting up to 1000BASE-T within 100m and 10 Gigabit Ethernet over the limited distance specified in the industry. And it is fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.

A Cat5 or Cat6 cable is often used in homes. The big difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cables is the amount of data that can be sent. Cat6 has a higher bandwidth compared to Cat5.

The most important features of our product is:

  • Simple installation, durable when it comes to impact and abrasion
  • High-precision twisted cable, reducing resistance and allowing for a better flow of electrons
  • Providing superior structural integrity, and reducing low frequency external interference
  • Built to withstand high levels of stress, pulling, and pushing

OTO BOX Code 001 OTO BOX GPON Fiber Optics


Optical Termination Outlet (OTO)

The OTO is an optical telecommunication outlet box, designed for low bend fibers and it is used to Connect up to two optical fibers to the passive-optical interface in the living area (Fiber to The Home). The optical interface can be chosen between SC simplex or LC duplex. The adapters are equipped with a laser protection.



         2 Core

   Operating Temperature             -40~ +75

            SC & LC

Power Meter Active Fiber Optics


Power meter: FPM-302 

The EXFO FPM-302-FOA-54 Fiber optic Power Meter SC is a handheld optical power meter with an SC connector configuration that that can be used to examine a variety of electrical and fiber optic networks. It integrates the FLS-300 Light Source and FOT-300 Optical Loss Test Set to increase its versatility and breadth in troubleshooting and evaluating installations. These units can be used to transmit a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol which allows the FPM-302 to use the proper calibration parameters, decreasing error and making communications simpler. The FPM-302 line is capable of testing PONs at the 1310, 1490, and 1550 nm wavelengths with a power range of 10 to -60 dBm (uncertainty of ±5%) and a resolution of 0.01 dB. This device is also capable of performing automatic offset nulling, automatic wavelength recognition, tone detection at a 270Hz level, and has a refresh rate of 3Hz. The FPM-302 offers a total of ten calibrated wavelengths with the associated reference values and has power autonomy measured at over 300 hours.

Power Source Active Fiber Optics


Power Source: FPM-602 

Automatically uses the proper calibration parameters when combined with the FLS-300 or FOT-300 source units. With a high-power option and 10 calibrated wavelengths, the FPM-300 is the most complete, yet simple power meter available. Combined with the FLS-300 or FOT-300 source units, which can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, the FPM-300 automatically uses the proper calibration parameters. This auto-wavelength recognition feature reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error.

SC Adaptor Passive Fiber Optics

 Item Standard

 Insertion loss (DB)

 ≤0.2 db

 Return loss (DB)

 PC ≥ 45 db

 Durability (DB)

 1000 times ≤ 0.2 db

 Temperature cycle (C)

 -40 ~ +80


 10~ 55 Hz (2hr) ≤0.2 db

SC Connector Passive Fiber Optics



The SC is a snap-in connector that is widely used in single mode systems for its performance. The SC connector is also available in a Duplex configuration. They offer low cost, simplicity, and durability. SC connectors provide for accurate alignment via their ceramic ferrules.  They feature a 2.5 mm Ferrule and molded housing for protection. Typical matched SC connectors are rated for 1000 mating cycles . View all Fiber Optic Connectors.