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PVC Hoses Plastic Materials

P.V.C and PE HosesSince established, PlasticKar manufactures a varied range of high-quality P.V.C and PE hoses. Our high-quality, variable, and reliable hoses have been exported to more than16 countries such as Germany, Albania, Italy, Cuba, U.A.E, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan; Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, etc. We manufacture a wide range of PVC Hoses from high-quality raw material utilizing the best technology and supply under the brand of PlasticKar which are used for watering, irrigation, agricultural, gardening, firefighting, milking machines hoses, and industrial usage: Features of our hoses • Single and multi-layer. • Reinforced and robust plasticized PVC hose • Inner diameter size: 4 to 50 mm (0.15 to 2 inches) • Wide range of designs and colors and packaging In order to increase resistance, we are using high-quality raw material, plasticizers with a correct formulation, and desirable polyester yarns which are wrapped around the inner layer of the hoses either by spiral or Knitted method. All the quality control processes in accordance with the standard and applying the raw materials and also final product verification tests including the thickness, diameter, hydrostatic pressure, elongation at a breakpoint, UV resistance, adhesion between two layers, tensile, accelerated aging, and heat resistance have supported the company in receiving CE certificate which abled us to export to EU countries. Some of the specifications of our hoses are as below: High flexibility, lightness, uniformity in thickness, adhesion between two layers, tensile Strength, suitable elongation at a breakpoint, approved in hydrostatic-pressure test, stability of appearance, and mechanical value in cold and tropical weather. To fulfill our commitment to clients, PlasticKar is able to produce customized P.V.C hoses according to costumer’s need in variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, packages and other elective parameters considering the minimum order quantity.