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Aseptic Tube Aseptic Packaging

Production of multilayer films is practicable in aseptic unit for packaging various types of medical creams, toothpastes, ointments, chocolate creams, plum puree, etc.

Center Seal Pouch Packaging & Printing

Centre seal pouches are the proper solution for different packaging requirements due to their Proper size. This product is suitable for packaging foodstuff, animal food, Pet-care products, cookies and chocolates, breakfasts, dry fruits and nuts, frozen food, processed meats, various chicken type, sea food and snacks.

Cosmetic and Health Grade Sachets Packaging & Printing

Similar to foodstuff sachets, cosmetic and health-care sachets are also made of multilayer aluminum and metalized material. Sachets are user-friendly promoted products with high popularity, fully hygienic with almost unique options because of stiff and proper cover, sealing and proper volume for different applications.

Envelope Stick Packs Pouches Packaging & Printing

Envelope is a proper packaging for different kinds of tea and herbals with the ability to preserve the aroma, taste and color and can be designed in different sizes with various layouts.

Flat Bottom Pouch Packaging & Printing

Flat bottom pouch, as its name implies, are the ones which have flat ending which let them be easily placed on surfaces. Flat bottom pouches stand vertically on store shelves while bilateral gussets provide more room for tucking more items in. Flat bottom pouches are the ones with high capacity, so their use is extensive.

Food Grade Sachets Packaging & Printing

Because of proper design and size, sachets have variety of applications in use. Such sachets are multilayer and due to having suitable sealing, they keep the products free of moisture and contaminants and cover the health of products.  One type of such sachet is the “Food Grade Sachet” which is vastly welcomed by users in food sectors due to their little volume, easy-to-use format and ergonomic design.

Pharmaceutical Grade Sachet Packaging & Printing

In pharmaceutical industry, sachets are used for various kinds of dry drugs and diet supplements. These sachets have laminated layers which prevent penetration of microbes. Such act will bring about a proper and ideal packaging for the pharmaceutical products.   Advantages of Pharmaceutical Sachets:
  • Proper Sealing
  • Leakage Reduction
  • Friction resistant
  • Resistant against light, moisture, and transmission of gas of any types

Sachets for Animals, Birds and Aquatic Products Packaging & Printing

In Pad Alvan Pack Co., we have done our very best to provide effective solutions for packaging products of various types, from which one of them is the Farming Grade Sachet. After many valuable years of experience gained in production of packaging films, we have managed to provide such a product which can fully protect your products against external factors. With regards to this, we have provided the market with solutions and offers for flexible packaging for different applications such as poisons, fertilizers and pesticides. Such laminated films keep contents of sachets safe against light and any external factors. Pad Alvan Pack Co. is honored to provide top quality products to the market according to the world state-of-the-art technology with high strength against temperature and tearing.

Side Gusset Pouch Packaging & Printing

Side Gusset pouches are among the most popular ones for coffee and tea. When consuming such type of pouches, maximum capacity can be used. These pouches, similar to other types, are multilayer and stitched from both up and down. Usually, on such pouch, there is a transparent polyethylene called “window” by which the inner content can be seen.

Slim aseptic packaging Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic liquid packaging of Pad Alvan Pack Co. are divided into several categories which are in production line in Eshtehard Industrial city. One kind of such Aseptic liquid packaging is called “Slim aseptic packaging” which is provided to the market with capacities of 200 ml., 1000 ml. and triangle 200 ml.

Squareaseptic Packaging Aseptic Packaging

Another aseptic liquid packaging type which is in production line of Pad Alvan Pack Co. is “Square”. Square type, like other aseptic types, is multilayer. These days, the square type we produce on wholesale basis, is the one with the capacity of 1000 mml.

Stand-up Zipper Pouch Packaging & Printing

This pouch, known as Stand-up zipper pouch, is produced and supplied to the market in excellent quality and beautiful appearance. They are multilayer and guarantee product safety besides maintaining product appearance.

Stick packs Types Packaging & Printing

Stick packs are kind of flexible packaging which can have a lot of use in our daily lives and varieties of products can be packed with them. Stick packs have tight structure which suitably prevents them from penetration of heat, light and oxygen because they have strong sealing-ability. Besides, stick packs are easily and suitably printable by Heliogravoures. Light weight and little-volume of packaging are other advantages of stick packs. Because of having user-friendly layout and low volume packaging, stick packs are a good choice for different applications in which sizes and colors can be customized in various orders.

TFA aseptic packaging Aseptic Packaging

The main objective of design and production of TFA aseptic packaging is cost reduction ending to production of a product with lower cost for customers. Having no crease, die-cut and cap are reasons of lower cost for this product.