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Metals & Minerals – plain coil

Rebar is produced in two types of branches and coils. The coil rebar is a twisted rebar. The coil rebar is produced and supplied in sizes 5.5 to 16.

Metals & Minerals Galvanized Color Coated Sheet

Galvanized sheets are painted for aesthetics, increased resistance and reduced corrosion. If the production of colored galvanized sheets is due to their appearance and decoration, the color coating is of great importance. However, if it is to enhance corrosion resistance, the sheet rust is minimized.  

Metals & Minerals Galvanized sheets

Hot dip galvanizing has been used for over 150 years as a successful commercial method in the world for protecting steel sheets against corrosion. Galvanized products have long service life and high corrosion resistance.

Tin Plating Sheet

Model :-
Description :There are numerous applications for tin-plated sheets, including the packaging of foodstuffs, chemicals, drugs, dyestuffs, varnishes, and some applications in the manufacture of parts such as oil, gasoil, air and water filters in vehicles such as lorries, buses, tractors and other heavy-duty vehicles, as well as in the manufacture of light vehicles such as sedans, manufacture of toys, electric batteries, etc.
Company name :Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company
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Minimum order :1
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