Financial services

As a World trader do not worry about your finance issues. Our organization is here to prepare all you need in order to facilitate the transaction.

Financing of International Trade

In international trade, no movement of currencies from one country to another need to be generated. All transactions are settled through the banking system, which involves offsetting one debt against another. As a result, financial institutions have created different instruments to provide trade finance. These instruments are used and tailored to satisfy the needs of business parties. The role of trade finance in international trade is significantly important.

How much you know about international sanctions, economic sanction, and financial sanctions?

International Sanctions are foreign policy instruments employed by States to protect their national interests by targeting certain individuals, companies or countries. Economic sanctions impose certain restrictions against countries, such as trade embargoes or restrictions to the export of certain goods. On the other hand, financial sanctions target individuals or companies and entail the freezing and blocking of all property or interest in property of the sanctioned targets. In Iran, we face both economic and financial sanctions. These two are major issues for most businesses. Do not worry, you are on the right website. We are here to help you to remove all obstacles ahead.

Financial services

    In fact, up to 90% of world trade relies on trade finance instruments.

    In a global market, companies have to learn to live with this uncomfortable fact of life. Besides, all traders are worried about financial issues and it is of high importance for them. Thus, risk is a huge consideration in international trade. To know what kinds of risks exists, is one way to reduce them. Experts of Iran2Eurasia, as one of the most experienced company in international trade will provide you the most suitable solution on the ideal method of payment for every specific transaction.